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The Idea

Have you seen those amazing $100,000 Jeeps? I saw one recently priced at $250,000 and it was amazing. Everything you can put in or on a Jeep was there. Well, we don’t build those kinds of Jeeps. We do build amazing Jeeps but we just can’t ask 6 digit prices for them. Our goal is to design and build incredible Jeeps and accessories that are affordable to the masses.

Style & Quality

We build Jeeps and accessories with unique looks, great style and the quality of more expensive custom builds. These aren’t brand new Jeeps but they are as good as pre-owned 4x4s get. We go through everything from bumper to bumper and add cool features or finishing touches that we know you will appreciate.

The Name

So where did Storm Trooper 4×4 get the name? Well, it actually wasn’t from the movies, but an actual storm. In December 2015 a massive tornado swept by our shop and eventually went on to create mass destruction in the Garland, Texas area. We saw people immediately rise to rebuild their lives in the wake of tragedy. After that, the name made sense because we wanted to build vehicles that rise from the ashes to become better than they were before.